The Children of Venezuela​

The current state of Venezuela is no surprise to anyone, it has been in the eye of the international media for the past couple of years.  The situation there is desperate.  Due to a variety of reasons the country is going through some very difficult times, especially the lower class members of society.  The country is experiencing a hyper-inflation economy.  Supermarket shelves are empty, and those at the bottom of the food chain get the left-overs...if there’s any.

Things that we take for granted and have easy access to; such as food, medicines and everyday necessities such as toilet paper and soap are extremely difficult to find.

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So we decided to do something, and took action.

In February 2018 some members of our community travelled to Venezuela and visited an orphanage run by a Gnostic community.

They took with them monetary donations that were raised in Canada.  This ensured that every single penny collected from donations reached it's final destination.   

Not only were we able to help them financially, but we were able to connect with the children and the volunteer staff on a deeper level... a human level.  By connecting we mean showing them that they're not alone or forgotten.  And that is equally important to the children as it is to the full-time volunteer staff.

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If you'd like to learn more or make a donation to help these children in Venezuela feel good in 
contacting us .